Glengorm castleThe Libary

Beauty and Tranquillity

Glengorm is a family home owned by Tom and Marjorie Nelson who, along with their children, warmly welcome you to enjoy their castle.

The castle was built in 1860 and sits at the headland of Glengorm's vast area of coastline, forestry, lochs and hills.

Glengorm truly stands apart from the surrounding Western Isles - already known for their dramatic scenery - due to its tranquillity and sheer natural beauty. The views across the North Atlantic, especially at sunset, are stunning.

To the north of the peninsula of Ardnamurchan, most westerly point on the British mainland, is the mountainous island of Rhum. Lowlying Coll, with its white sands, can be seen to the west, while the nearest islands of the Outer Hebrides 60 miles away rear off the north west horizon during spectacular sunsets.

The Libary

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