Business Meetings and Corporate Entertaining

The pressure of modern life is pervasive; it can deflate enthusiasm. At such times, the space to reflect becomes precious...Inverlochy is able to breathe new life back into tired minds and bodies.

The relaxed atmosphere is often inspiration enough for the castle's guests and, with the latest communications technology in each of the rooms, you can be sure that your ideas won't get lost in the rarefied Highlands air.

There is a tradition in this part of the world of the 'meeting place', where people get together to exchange views, share experience and, perhaps, a dram or two. Something of this informal approach to business is discernible in Inverlochy.

Where the sound of pens scratching, computers tapping and minds whirring is likely to be accompanied by the clacking of billiard balls, the cast of a fishing rod and the crackling of ice in glass.

Business Room

20 persons maximum - private dinner, 18 long table - conference

Green Room

20 persons maximum - private dinner (2 x 10)

Drawing Room

68 persons maximum (exclusive use only)

Front Hall

80 persons maximum - 8 x 10 round tables

Our workshop was a great success, and this was also in great part due to the beautiful surroundings and perfect service of Inverlochy Castle.