Kincraig Castle Lounge
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The Lounge

Nestled between the bar and the restaurant is the lounge - a delightfully decorated room reminiscent of the Great Hall found in Scottish Castles. Kincraig's version is far more welcoming and friendly - with light streaming through from the manicured south gardens onto a room scented with flowers. The lounge is the setting for relaxing morning coffee, afternoon teas or any other beverage at a time of your choosing.

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Guests and friends congregate in the lounge prior to dinner to select from the ever-changing menu and to enjoy their drinks in the warm embrace of the wood panelling. Set into a niche is a magnificent fireplace that crackles and warms as the nights draw in.

The staff make sure that all guests are warmly looked after and made to feel as if this castle is their very own. Now you can join the list of the great and the good who have been welcomed into Kincraig - even for a night you can live like a 'laird'.

"As regular guests we have never been made to feel more welcome. An unforgettable experience just outside Inverness..."

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