The Maclachlan Clan
By the the 13th century, the name appeared in Scotland and in 1292 Archibald Maclachlan was one of the twelve barons whose lands became the Sheriffdom of Argyll.

Castle Lachlan

Ewen Maclachlan swore fealty to Edward I of England in 1296 while Gillespie, probably the son of the chief, was a supporter of Robert the Bruce.

By the 15th century, the chiefs were described as the "Lords of Strathlachlan". They recognised the power of the Campbells in Argyll and allied themselves to the earls. In 1615, the MacLachlan chief led his clan against the MacDonalds of Islay.

The civil war in Britain allowed many old scores to be settled and the Maclachlans were no exception, fighting with their neighbours, the Lamonts. Lachlan Maclachlan of that ilk became Justice of the Peace in Argyll, having accepted the commission from Oliver Cromwell.

Castle LachlanHis son, Archibald, established the Barony of Strathlachlan with Castle Lachlan as the family seat. At the Battle of Killiecrankie, the Maclachlans fought for Viscount Dundee and the chief was present at the raising of the standard of The Old Pretender, James VIII.

In 1745 the clan followed Bonnie Prince Charlie, joining the prince at Prestonpans, the chief being appointed to the prince's staff as commissary-general.

Castle Lachlan

When the Jacobite army marched on England, it was Maclachlan who returned to Scotland to raise reinforcements. The reinforcements did not arrive in time to prevent the retreat from Derby but Maclachlan took his clansmen to Culloden. After the battle, in which the chief was killed, the Maclachlan colours were burnt, Castle Maclachlan ruined and the chief's family forced to flee.