Blue Master Room

This Master Room at Castle Leslie acquired its marvellous deep blue colour from Lady Leonie Leslie, before she later moved into the Mauve Room. Upon its restoration as a guest room, Sammy faithfully reinstated and replicated the blue colour in the bedroom and also the bathroom, which was once a dressing room. The Blue Room boasts panoramic views of the gardens and Glaslough Lake.

Blue Master Room at Castle Leslie

Lady Marjorie Leslie appears in the second sketch, and in the small oil painting in this room+. Marjorie ran Castle Leslie Estate, one of the foremost hotels in Monaghan, all through the second World War. She found it very dull that the nearest she could get to the action was through her bedside radio. Not immune to the family writing bug, she did find the time to compose her memoirs, Girlhood in the Pacific in the early 1940s, recalling the exciting adventures of her childhood and young adult life, dedicating the book to her dear son Jack, at the time held captive in a German POW camp. She continued to run the Estate until her death in 1951. She is buried in the little garden cemetery she built on the Castle hotel grounds, just outside the main walls of St. Salvator’s.

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