Chinese Heritage Room

This Heritage Room at Castle Leslie was formerly the 'second best guest room'. The Chinese Room overlooks the front of Castle Leslie. The splendid views of the landscape make it clear why the estate is a popular choice among hotels in Monaghan. This room was often reserved for distinguished male guests, but was also a welcome refuge for sculptor Clare Sheridan, whose bust of Shane Leslie can be found on the top floor Nursery landing.

Chinese Heritage Room at Castle Leslie

As a daughter of the oldest of the Jerome sisters, Clara, Jennie and Leonie, this made her a first cousin to Shane Leslie, as well as the famous Winston Churchill. Clare often played on the magic factor of Winston’s name as a means to open otherwise closed frontiers and as a young woman, was able to travel to Moscow to sculpt Lenin, Trotsky and other Soviet leaders of the Revolution with no problems. When she sculpted Mussolini however, she had to flee Italy in great haste, as the podgy dictator could not imagine any attractive woman not having more than mere artistic designs on him!

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