Eagle's Nest Master Room

This Master Room at Castle Leslie is at one of the highest points of the house, as the name suggests, and has a wonderful balcony with sweeping views of the beautiful lake and gardens. When the Leslie children's aunt, Anne Cockran, bought an enormous garden umbrella, they decided to use it as a parachute. Anita, Jack and Desmond were ready to launch themselves from the high balcony, but were prevented in the nick of time!

Eagle's Nest Master Room at Castle Leslie

At one point, The Eagle’s Nest and Governess Heritage Room were allocated to young Lionel Leslie and his cousin Pat Guthrie. In an effort to cheer themselves up on wet days, they would take turns to fire a heavy calibre six shooter revolver at each other through the closed connecting door. One would fire and try to catch the semi-spent bullet as it emerged from the woodwork. Had the aim been misjudged and had a bullet gone through a thin door panel instead of through the thick frame, it is possible that one of them would have been killed. All in the name of good clean fun!

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