Mauve Master Room

This Master Room at Castle Leslie and its adjoining dressing room came to be known as The Royal Suite, having provided sweet slumber and other delights to numerous royalty, such as Queen Margaret of Sweden, The Duke and Duchess of Connaught (Queen Victoria's favourite son, and also Desmond Leslie’s godfather).

Mauve Master Room at Castle Leslie

Mick Jagger and Marianne Faithful also slept in the Mauve Room whilst staying at Castle Leslie in the 1960s. Unfortunately, one weekend the inmates of a girls’ reformatory school, run by local nuns, chose to picnic by the lake. On hearing that “Mr McJeager” was in residence, they chased him round the lake screaming for blood. The only place where he felt he might be safe was on top of St. Salvator’s church tower. So up he was sent, while a rescue plan was worked out with the good nuns. Finally the tough delinquents agreed to moderate their behaviour in exchange for autographs, and Mick was eventually coaxed down.

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