Red Master Room

This Master Room at Castle Leslie has been at the centre of family life at Castle Leslie Estate for centuries - a doorway in and out of this life, so to speak, with many ghost sightings over the years. Anita Leslie King gave birth to her daughter, Leonie, in this room.

Red Master Room at Castle Leslie

The huge paneled bath is the first bath ever installed in Castle Leslie. For many years it was hardly more than a show piece. Amazed visitors were shown how it worked, and on occasion were even allowed to turn the huge taps on and off. The tub is so deep that climbing out can be a little difficult. Now restored to its former glory, it is a lovely place for guests to relax with their partners while sipping an evening drink during luxury breaks. The quirky and unique throne toilet was invented and designed by Sammy Leslie to fit in with the grand surroundings.

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