Chinese Room

Formerly the 'second best guest room', the Chinese Room was reserved for distinguished male guests. But it was also a welcome refuge for sculptor, Clare Sheridan, whose bust of Shane Leslie can be found on the top floor.

There is a secret passage in this room, which leads from the wardrobe to almost anywhere in the house - handy for visiting girlfriends or making hasty exits. Alas it's now closed for safety reasons.

There used to be an unpleasant triangular bedroom known as 'The Insulting Room', situated between the Chinese Room and the Print Room. Anyone disliked by the Leslie Family would be dumped there, as a hint not to return. When restoring the castle, Sammy Leslie divided the awful room in two, to create two delightful bathrooms. The Chinese Room's ensuite is called 'The Hobath' because of the original Hogarth prints lining its walls.

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