Seymour's Heritage Room

This Heritage Room at Castle Leslie is named after the third of Sir John and Leonie Leslie's four sons, Seymour. He loved chinoiserie and the very latest inventions. The most social and romantic of the brothers, he suffered crippling tuberculosis as a child and spent his youth lying on his back.

Seymour's Heritage Room at Castle Leslie

A keen author and historian in his own right, Seymour penned Glaslough in Oriel, a definitive account of the history of Castle Leslie Estate and an insightful snapshot into life in Glaslough over a century ago, and The Jerome Connexion, a collection of his reminiscences of two of the Jerome sisters; his dear mother Leonie and her sister Jennie Churchill, set against the backdrop of Edwardian society in the late 19th and early 20th century.

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