Shane's Heritage Room

This Heritage Room at Castle Leslie is named after Shane, born John, who was the eldest of the four Leslie sons of Sir John Leslie, 2nd Bt., and Leonie Jerome. In this room, inspired by views of the lake, and many years before his grand-daughter Sammy designed and installed the great Gothic bath, Shane wrote many of his best books and poems. The scenery which so inspired him has now resulted in Castle Leslie becoming one of the most popular hotels in Monaghan.

Shane loved trees and planted huge numbers of them at Glaslough. He was seldom happier than when working alongside the foresters in the Estate woods. He was also a tremendous walker and could sustain the Red Indian jog trot indefinitely, doubtless due to the supposed Iraquoi Red Indian blood injected by his American mother, Leonie Jerome, into the sleepy Leslies.

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