For smaller groups, a self-catering cottage is a great way to vacation

Klaus's Cottage - Sleeps 9

Much more contemporary in internal appearance than one would expect, the house has a large raised open fireplace in the living room, and also a dining area surrounded by a mezzanine balcony.

Henry's House - Sleeps 8

This is a really large self-catering house that fronts onto two courtyards. Formerly tack rooms and stabling for the estate's many horses, it was originally converted in the 1920's. It has many original features, such as oak floorboards and fireplaces.

Cormorant Cottage - Sleeps 6

In the 1920's, the Gough family closed up the castle and converted several areas of the courtyard into a residence. They brought many original features from the castle, such as wooden panelling, oak floorboards and marble fireplaces.