Lumley Castle

Elizabethan Banquets

The year is 1595 and you are invited to attend the banquet feast of Sir John Lumley. Before the banquet starts, the doors to the dungeon and guardroom are thrown open where wine, ale & mead can be purchased. To the sound of bagpipes you will be greeted with a friendly smile, but take heed to be well behaved or his Lordship’s Executioner will deal with you!

Armed only with a dagger and a bib you will be served five courses of delicious food. Throughout the feasting the banquet maids will fill your goblets twice with mead and wine while entertaining you with songs, sketches and sing-a-longs.

The Menu

Baron’s Borde

Homemade Vegetable Soup with Wholemeal Bread

Fyshe with Potato

Fish with Creamed Potato topped with Cheese Served in a Scallop Shell

Spare Ribs

Succulent Ribs cooked in a Red Wine Sauce with  Herbs

Checkyn in Mead

Chicken Cooked in Mead served with Jacket Potato & Salad

A delight to end your repast

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Murder Mysteries

In the early 1970′s a murder took place at Lumley Castle. Lord Marcus Lumley, the aristocratic but impoverished owner of Lumley Castle, has been found dead. He appears to have had a heart attack, despite the fact that a recent check-up found him to be in excellent health. Lord Lumley spent his last evening in the company of his wife, a family friend and a clairvoyant he had invited to the castle. Was his death due to natural causes or did one of his companions have…. a motive for murder?

The Menu

Northumbrian Vegetable Broth


Chicken Supreme

Chicken wrapped in Bacon with a rich Port Wine Sauce

Mushroom & Stilton Cheese en Croute

In a Provençal Sauce with a selection of Seasonal Vegetables


Served with a rich Chocolate Sauce

Fresh Coffee

Served with Confectionery

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