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The last of the direct line of Davidsons at Tulloch was a Duncan Davidson, who died in 1917. His daughter inherited Tulloch Castle and her son, Colonel Angus Vickers, of Vickers Aircraft, was the last owner of Tulloch lands. In 1920 the castle, which was falling badly into disrepair, was completely renovated by Mr and Mrs Vickers. Three of the Davidsons of Tulloch served as Provost of the town of Dingwall. They were Henry Davidson in 1779, Duncan Davidson in 1784 and Duncan Davidson in 1840.

The Vickers family gave the Tulloch lands to the Highland Regional Council just a few years ago. Since then the castle served intermittently as a dormitory for the Dingwall Academy before being converted to its present use as an hotel.

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To the West, beside the old castle tower, is a monkey puzzle tree. It can be seen in the early photographs taken by Mary Willard Adams, who visited Tulloch Castle in 1931 and also in recent photographs from the tower.

There is a secret tunnel from the basement of Tulloch Castle across town to the ancient Dingwall Castle. It is now too dangerous to use as most of it has caved in and so it was abandoned many years ago. However, there is an air-vent in the middle of the front lawn of Tulloch, which you can look down today and through which you can dimly perceive this tunnel.