Originally built in the 12th century, it’s safe to say that Wardhill Castle has seen more than its fair share of faces pass through the doors over its 800 years of history.

The castle passed into the hands of the Leslie family in 1518 and has remained in the hands of their descendants to this day. The 12-foot thick fortifications, which were erected in the Middle Ages, have stood the test of time and saw notable additions in the 17th century, 1801 and 1851.

In more recent years the castle was inherited by Will and Sarah Leslie, who now live on the estate with their young son, Harry. Since moving back to Wardhill the Leslies have set to work renovating, refurbishing and modernising this stunning property. Their top priority was installing a Biomass 24-hour central heating system to ensure guests have the most comfortable experience possible in this historic family home. Following this, the couple set to converting unused rooms into en-suite bedrooms and giving other rooms, such as the drawing room, some much needed TLC.