Special Offers

Wines of France & the Loire Valley, plus prestige vintages from the private cellar of Comte de Vanssay.

Nothing beats in-depth research! At Château de la Barre, wine is more than just a beverage, it's an essential part of life. And the best way to learn about it is through tasting!

Wine is also about history, and what better place to experience this than in an elegant and exclusive family château full of the heritage of six centuries?

Day 1:

Arrival at the château and introduction to the Loire Valley wines:
- Welcome drink of cider from Château de la Barre’s orchard and private tour of the château, followed by;
- Wine and cheese tasting supper in front of the monumental XIVth century fireplace;
- Introduction to the differences between Sauvignon and Chenin Blanc, Cabernet and Cabernet Franc grapes during supper in the billiard room of Château de la Barre, with its XIVth century fireplace. Cabernet Franc is the grape of the Loire Valley's greatest reds like Chinon, Saumur or Bourgueil. It has little tanin, smooth flavours of plums or cherries and a mellow finish.

Day 2:

The Loir & Loire countryside, wineries and gourmet Auberge:
- Embark on a connoisseur's journey to the winelands of the Loir & Loire, discovering the rare Jasnières, described by gastronomic Michelin critique as "Three times a century, the best white wine in the world". Then visit the historic cellars of Vouvray, with an exclusive wine and cheese tasting;
- On the way, explore the picturesque countryside of the Loir Valley, with its Romanesque XIIth century chapels, Renaissance castles and farmers market; Finish the day by indulging in a 5 course feast of French cuisine in a gastronomic haven in the French countryside.

Day 3:

- Discover the remarkably restored old city of Le Mans, home of the Plantagenet kings and stage set to numerous films, with its many chic little boutiques and alluring cafés.
-Return to "your" château to compare Champagnes by the fireside of the elegant Salon Rose, followed by a Grand Siècle Dinner in the prestigious XVIIth century dining room, during which you will be served some of the prestigious wines from the private collection of Comte de Vanssay and find empirical answers to your questions of what to serve with foie gras, guinea fowl and chocolate...and what cheese goes with which wine.

Day 4:

-Departure with a special Autumn gift from the château.

This unique experience includes:
-3 nights’ accommodation in one of the elegant rooms of Château de la Barre;
-Complimentary chocolates and port wine in your room;
-Daily English breakfast and afternoon tea;
-VIP welcome;
-One wine tasting supper with an introduction to the Loire Valley wines at the château;
-A visit of a Xth century troglodyte cellar near Vouvray with tastings;
-One candlelit dinner in the prestigious Grand Dining Room with gourmet wines;
-Special departure present from the Comte & Comtesse de Vanssay.


890 euros to 1180 euros per person (according to room chosen, excluding transport and dinner outside Château de la Barre).

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