A view of the chateau

Cahors, located on the winding river banks of the Lot river, takes you on a journey where art, culture and gastronomy...and the regions fine wines.....vie for your attention. There are an abundance of treasures to be discovered in the Lot region.

Cahors' most remarkable monument is the Valentre bridge, a fortified structure with 3 square towers that make it unique in the world.

Take a trip to explore the Dordogne valley with its Romansque architecture. The charms of this lovely rich region know no bounds.

Nearby Albi is known as the 'City of the Arts'. A symbol of the city is St Cecile's Cathedral, built between the 13 & 16 centuries and a masterpiece of southern gothic. The old bridge over the River Tarn, built in the 11 th century, is one of the oldest in France.

Toulouse is a prosperous metropolis in the southwest of France. It combines modernity with a rich history. The old quarter is marvelous with its mixture of churches, basillcas, Medieval convents, Renaissance houses and museums.