Château de la Barre New Year 2020

We are awaiting confirmation of the 2021 package, so we are showing a historic package as a guide of what to expect. It's never too early to book, so enquire for 2021.

Celebrate New Year in aristocratic style as guests of Comte and Comtesse de Vanssay, 20th generation unbroken lineage, in their Loire Valley château.

What it Includes...

30 December 2020:

  • VIP welcome to Chateau de la Barre, your elegant and cosy “home”, luxuriously decorated for the festive season, by Count and Countess de Vanssay. You are in a private home, just you and your friends and family; you are free, so no masks needed!;
  • Afternoon tea with Countess de Vanssay followed by a private tour of the château by Count de Vanssay, 20th generation, residing at the estate;
  • Cheese & wine tasting buffet supper by the monumental XIV th century fireplace...and enjoy a game of billiards;
  • Enjoy a peaceful night's sleep in your lavish rooms, complete with Christmas floral arrangement, Port wine and welcome chocolates.

New Year's Eve:

  • Breakfast/brunch in the grand dining room followed by a leisurely morning stroll through the 100-acre château park with the dogs;
  • Explore the remarkably restored “Plantagenet City” of Le Mans, stage set to many films, its long Gallo Roman walls and its colourful Christmas market;
  • Return to “your” château as the cathedral lights up, perhaps via a few villages with Artisan shops and a wine tasting in a troglodyte cellar, to enjoy tea by the fireside followed by a Gala New Year's Eve dinner (additional charge) hosted in the XVIIth century dining hall with all the family silver and crystal, plus vintage wines from the cellar of Count de Vanssay, followed by coffee and brandy in the grand drawing room underneath all the ancestral portraits.

New Year's Day:

  • Visit the famous Chenonceau Castle and its remarkable winter floral arrangements, and possibly meet with the floral arrangers in person, during a private guided tour (extra cost);
  • Discover 40 replicas of Leonardo da Vinci's inventions in his home, Clos Lucé. There, enjoy a privately-orchestrated Renaissance lunch in da Vinci’s priory, with Renaissance costumes and musicians or a juggler, as if you were in 1525 (extra cost);
  • Return to Château de la Barre for cocktails and a supper of smoked salmon and Champagne and sorbets in the Salon Rose by the fireside.

1 January 2021:

  • Drive down to visit the largest castle of the Loire, Chambord.
  • Lunch in a true, authentic French auberge (food not included);
  • Visit the Max Vauché chocolate factory and maybe even make your own creation during a workshop!;
  • Private VIP visit of the most magnificently furnished Loire Valley castle, Cheverny, by the owner himself, the Marquis de Vibraye, followed by high tea in their family’s private apartments;
  • Gourmet dinner at Michelin Star « Pertica » on your drive back (food not included).

2 January 2021:

  • After a hearty brunch, depart with a special New Year gift from your hosts, the Count & Countess de Vanssay.

What it Costs...

€9,000 based on a minimum 4-night stay, in 5 rooms, for 10 adults.

  • Welcome drink;
  • Cheese and wine-tasting supper on arrival;
  • Daily English breakfasts on 2 mornings and brunch on 2 other mornings;
  • Chocolates and Port wine in each room;
  • Champagne and smoked salmon supper on one night at the château;
  • Departure New Year gift.


  • Gala New Year's Eve dinner with Champagne and wine pairing, priced at €280 per person;
  • VIP private visit and reception at Cheverny Castle by the owners, followed by high tea, priced at €2,400 for 10 people;
  • Private Renaissance lunch in Leonardo da Vincis’ priory, priced at €2,800 euros;
  • Three or four-string orchestra concert or quartet on New Year's Eve (starting price at €3,500). DJ starts at €1,500;
  • Restaurant meals are not included as the price will depend on your order preferences on the day and will therefore be charged separately.

Extra day suggestions:

  • Oenological expedition: Chenin, Cabernet Franc, Villandry and private château dinner:
  • Visit the best local wine producers, starting with the troglodyte cellars of Chenin, then drive further south to discover Cabernet Francs of Chinon followed by the reds and whites of the Château de Parnay. On the way, don’t miss the famous “Jardins à la Française” of Villandry Castle:
  • Private visit and dinner at a splendid Renaissance château with the owners, Count and Countess de Malherbe; he is an artist and she is owner of a famous Paris gallery.

The château has dogs, which are very friendly, and a macaw parrot (in his cage).

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