Experiences of paranormal activity in castle rooms are not uncommon, with accounts coming from young children to professional sportsmen. You don’t  have to read just about someone else’s ghostly encounter; each of these castles can be experienced for yourself!

Tulloch Castle

Ross-Shire, Scotland

Perhaps the most famous ghost of Tulloch Castle is that of the Green Lady – an elegant lady who appears in a long silk dress.

It’s thought that the Green Lady might actually be Elizabeth Davidson, the daughter of a former owner.

The Green Lady is said to be a very sad ghost and when guests spot her, they have a feeling of overwhelming sorrow. If you’re lucky enough to hear her speak, you might just catch her whispering “Why?” over and over.

Lumley Castle

County Durham, England

Lumley Castle is said to be haunted by 14th-century lady of the manor, Lily Lumley, who was reportedly murdered by two priests after refusing to convert to Catholicism.

Lumley Castle’s close proximity to Durham Cricket Ground has meant visiting cricketers often stay here. In 2005, members of the Australian cricket team refused to sleep in their rooms after reporting strange activity and, five years prior, members of the West Indies cricket team checked out early for similar reasons!

Will you stay for the entire night?

Thornbury Castle

Gloucestershire, England

Hear Valerie, Thornbury Castle’s historian, recount a young guest’s ghostly experience!

Castle Leslie

Co. Monaghan, Ireland

The castle has been home to the Leslie family for many generations and the Red Room is said to be haunted by a former resident, Norman Leslie.

Norman was sadly killed in battle during World War I. Shortly after his death, his mother, Lady Marjory, awoke to see him at her bedside, reading through his letters, as if he was searching for one in particular.

You might still be woken by the shuffling of paper during the night, and Norman is even said to tell noisier visitors to “shhhh”.

Culzean Castle

Ayrshire, Scotland

The music of a piper, lost amongst the caves in the cliffs below Culzean Castle, can often be heard from somewhere underground, on a stormy night.

The castle is the historical home to the chief of Clan Kennedy and during a family wedding, you might sight him in the grounds, apparently playing his pipes in celebration.

Ballyseede Castle

Co. Kerry, Ireland

Ballyseede’s most famous ghost is a World War I nurse named Hilda; the last of Blennerhassett family, who built the current castle in the 18th century.

Hilda is usually found in the Crosby Room, her former bedroom, where she stands at the window looking out across the grounds. She has even been known to converse with visitors, and has reportedly made uncanny predictions about their future!

Even if you don’t see her, you might detect the scent of red roses which she leaves behind.

Walworth Castle

Country Durham, England

Walworth Castle is said to be haunted by a former maid who fell pregnant following an affair with the lord of the house.

Fearing for his reputation, the barbaric lord had the maid bricked up inside a wall of the castle’s spiral staircase.

In recent times, footsteps have been heard ascending the stairs, guests have reported seeing a figure emerging from the wall, and you might find her desperate crying to be audible from behind the stone.

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