Privacy Statement

Celtic Castles Ltd is an independent business located in West Yorkshire, United Kingdom. We’re here to help people like you find a castle for a short break, holiday, or event, but appreciate you need to hand over some of your personal information in order for us to do this. We want you to feel comfortable working with us, and so the document below describes how we use and process the personal information we collect from you.

Unfortunately we have to tell you that if you disagree with the statement below, you shouldn’t use our service, but assuming you agree to everything outlined, we’d love to hear from you!

What information does Celtic Castles collect from me and how do you use it?

Information you provide yourself

Obviously we can’t match you to the perfect castle without some basic contact information, so whenever you contact us, we will usually take your name (and sometimes other names connected to the booking), email address and telephone number, along with some information about the nature of your enquiry, in order to respond to you as efficiently as possibly!

A small number of areas of the Celtic Castles website are only accessible when you create an account, which usually requires only your name and email address to register. If we require any further information on registration, we will always let you know why.

If you make a booking through Celtic Castles, or purchase a product from our gift shop, we will need to ask for your billing address and a method of payment. We will always make it clear how much payment is due, and when, as well as the terms and conditions and cancellation policy relating to the transaction.

We value hearing about your experience using our service, as well as your experience of staying in the castle you have booked, so we send out questionnaires on completion of your booking and following your stay. This information is used to improve Celtic Castles’ service, as well as the service of the castles. If you choose to allow it, we may use the comments you provide in future marketing material.

If you choose to subscribe to our mailing list, we will keep you informed of the latest news and offers from Celtic Castles by email.

Every email sent from Celtic Castles contains a link where you can quickly unsubscribe from some or all of our communication.

Information we collect automatically

When you browse the web, your computer sends out information such as your timezone, the kind of device you’re using, and your IP address. We use this information in several ways:

  • We can see how customers use our website, which allows us to make improvements to the site which we hope will benefit you, and anyone who wishes to book a castle in the future!
  • Our site can automatically recommend things we think you will be interested in, based on what you’ve looked at in the past.
  • In instances where you may have asked us to contact you, we can use your information to increase the efficiency of our response. For example, we have customers from around the world, so if we can see your timezone, we have an idea of the best time to call you, if appropriate, without the delay of an additional email to ask (or the risk of disturbing you in the middle of the night!).

If you have chosen to create an account with Celtic Castles, we record some key actions that you perform when logged in to the site. An example of this would be viewing a wedding brochure. We sometimes use this information to contact you directly with the offer of our personal expertise to assist you further with your booking.

Does Celtic Castles share my information with third parties?

We hope you’re here to book a castle and, on completion of a booking, we will need to share your contact information, payment details, and any other relevant details you have provided with the castle you have booked.

For some types of enquiry, it can also beneficial to put you in touch with a specialist at a castle to discuss your requirements in more detail (for example, a wedding coordinator or an events coordinator). In these instances, we only share necessary contact information and any information you have provided about the nature of your booking that will be useful to help you proceed.

If we are organising any third-party service providers (for example, a chef, chauffeur, concierge service), with your consent, we will pass on your necessary contact information and, if required, payment details.

We work with some third-party technology providers, for example to deliver marketing emails. We share only information with them that is necessary to complete their specific task.

In certain cases, we may need to use your information to resolve a legal dispute, or if a law enforcement or government agency makes a valid request for information.

Celtic Castles never shares your information with third-party data brokers or advertising companies.

What does Celtic Castles do with my data?

All of the data we collect is stored by our hosting provider within the EU. All enquiries are handled from our offices within the UK and use is only permitted to those who require access in the course of their work.

How can I view or delete the data held by Celtic Castles?

You can request an overview of the information we hold about you, or request for some or all of the information we hold about you to be deleted, please contact us for more information.

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