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Scottish Highland castle hotel with twenty bedrooms, less than 30 minutes' drive from Inverness.

In days of old, only the Laird or the Chief of the Clan could enjoy a relaxing stay in a Scottish Highland castle. Nowadays, times have changed. At Tulloch Castle Hotel, you'll be made as welcome as the Laird himself, to sample the splendid hospitality, comfortable surroundings and superb food.

Tulloch Castle dates from the 12th century, when first the Bains and later the Clan Davidson laid claim to its lands. Like its lively history, the castle's fortunes have changed many times. Now, it is once again a magnificent fortress, with a warm welcome ready for travellers.

In an imposing position, with Highland views spread out like an open atlas, the castle is on the edge of the bustling market town of Dingwall, with its characterful shops and museum, just 15 miles north of Inverness.

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Swift new roads make Tulloch Castle the perfect base to explore the enchanting Black Isle to the East, the stunning contrasts of the West Highlands and the unforgettable deep glens and rugged coastlines of the West Highlands - all just a day-trip away.

Whether you want to enjoy a fine meal in the castle restaurant, rest for a few nights in one of the castle bedchambers, or just taste a local ale in the Green Lady Lounge, you will find Tulloch Castle an unforgettable place to visit.

All old castles should have a ghost, and Tulloch is said to have one in the shape of the "Green Lady". Now, just how green she is, and the details of her existence, we do not know, but she has been seen over the centuries. A portrait of her hangs in the Grand Hall.