Be part of the world's biggest castle booking service

Be part of the world's biggest castle booking service

Founded by Company Director, Roger Masterson, in 1998, Celtic Castles now works closely with over 90 unique castle properties across the UK, Ireland and France. New castles are continually being identified, assessed and added to our extensive portfolio - yours could be next, just get in touch!

Why join Celtic Castles?

We’re passionate about castles! Our dedicated team is available 7 days a week to market your property, and we take pride in building great working relationships with the owners and teams at each individual castle - which in turn helps us help you, by identifying how best to present your property to the world!

Who is Roger, The Castle Man?

Roger Masterson, the founder of Celtic Castles, loves sharing fantastic experiences in historic castles with the world...

A handful of the benefits:

  • Bookings handled personally by our knowledgable team;
  • Individual listing on the Celtic Castles website, created by our experts to market your castle;
  • Regular features on various promotional channels, such as social streams, print magazines, articles, and more;
  • We promote you and your brand as a whole; no trying to disguise your property name;
  • Your castle featured within various areas of interest within the website, such as tours, Christmas, New Year, gift vouchers and much more;
  • You save money with our online booking partners.

Want to get in touch?

If it sounds like Celtic Castles could be the perfect match, you’re more than welcome to get in touch via the contact form linked below or call us on 01422 323 200.

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